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BREAKING: Jam Network enters deal for full, first run season of Jet Boy, streaming option to follow.

After a week of negotiations, Jam Network will run the entire Season One of Jet Boy: The Animated Series in a first-run deal with a streaming option (prompting upcoming Netflix talks) after the season’s completion.

Jam Network is grooming Jet Boy as it’s flagship animated title after talks with Rocbottom Studios paid off. Rocbottom Studios founder, Corey “Roc Bottom“ Davis will act as Head of Animation for the network as it brings back the Saturday morning cartoon format used in classic television, only this time with Jet Boy leading the charge, as it will air in the Saturday morning block.

Davis, alongside Mike Sofoluke (animator of Gorillaz), will act as directors on the project, with animation chores handled by ”The Purple Gang”, a collective of animators from around the globe. The series will be produced by Rocbottom Studios with Jam Studios handling Executive Producer duties.

Jet Boy: The Animated Series is eyeing a mid-Summer/early Autumn release date for 2020.

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Jay Odom
Jay Odom
Aug 31, 2019

Super proud of this guy I've watched him toil over And work to perfect jet boy. I'm glad to see his work finally paying off.

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