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It’s all Connected! The Guide the Dark Alliance crossover!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Jet Boy, Shadowclub Karma, Lion’s Den Revolution! Three very different stories with very different subject matter... bit did you know that all of these comics share the same universe and were ALL connected? What could the top secret government agency, Section 17 that Jet Boy works for, The Lion’s Den Fighting League, and a group of mystical monsters all have in common? Here’s a few things that link these stories together and how they will shape the up coming crossover!

1 . The Christian W. Anderson II Library and Art Center at Fredrick Jr. High.

The name Christian W. Anderson II links Jet Boy to Lion’s Den Revolution. Anderson is the heir to the Merlin Foods empire. He’s also a best sellIng writer. When he passed away, the city of Rocville (without the “K”) dedicated a new library and art center to Fredrick Jr. High, which happens to be Paul Perkins’ school, aka Jet Boy! In his will, he left the Merlin Foods empire to his protogé, Paul Perkins’ dad, Percival Perkins. Leaving his son, Christian W. Anderson III, in control of the ”then” underground fighting ring, The Lion’s Den. Which brings us to...

2. Jet Boy’s Mom was a former Lion’s Den Champion!

The most badass case of “How I Met Your Mother”, Jet Boy’s parents met IN the Lion’s Den Tournament. His Dad was a former Marine turned personal trainer who trained his future Mom, Pauletta “Powerhouse“ Perkins, during her days as a Lion’s Den fighter. Under his training, Pauletta was a ten time champion carrying multiple titles.

3. The Van Helsings have a history with Section 17.

Section 17 was started in the 1940’s to track down and police alien tech. In the early 50’s the top secret government agency came in contact with some inter dimensional beings that turned out to be vampires instead of aliens. After seeking help from the Pro-Vampire organization known as The Vampire Nation, Section 17 turned to The Van Helsings after being denied and threatened by The Vampire Nation. The Nation said they would hold Section 17 and any human they see fit accountable if any harm came to the inter dimensional vampires. It was that threat that lead to the Van Helsings teaming up with Section 17 to create The Dark Agency, a government funded group of agents that monitor vampire activity.

4. Certain Lion’s Den Characters were on Section 17’s radar or are products of Section 17.

Sebastian. Timothy. F-Unit 5. All fighters in the modern televised Lion’s Den Fighting program. Sebastian is a ten year old boy who has special telekinetic powers. It did not take long for Section 17 to get wind of this and an agent was planted in the Boy’s school to monitor his activity. Because Sebastian comes from an abusive home, the undercover Section 17 agent sends Sebastian home with a gift in the form of Timothy, a stuffed animal bear which is actually a robot programmed to act as a bodyguard for Timothy in case his parents get to abusive and to calm the boy down if his powers get out of control. After, inadvertently killing his parents after K.R.O.N.O.S. agents show up to recruit the boy, Timothy and Sebastian go on the run. Section 17 deploys one of their robot drones to retrieve the teddy bear technology before it falls into the wrong hands and to help the young boy find a safe haven. That drone was F-Unit 5. After stumbling upon Christian W. Anderson III, now owner of the Lion’s Den, the greedy fighting organization owner exploits the boy and his teddy bear protector as fighters on the Lion’s Den program. As for F-Unit 5, he is taken by the K.R.O.N.O.S agency and reprogrammed to capture the two to recruit them or destroy them for resisting, and after tracking them to the Lion’s Den, they enter drone as a fighter to carry out their mission.

5. The portal used to bring inter dimensional fighters to the Lion’s Den tournament was opened by The Mummy.

Christian W. Anderson II started the Lion’s Den fighting tournament in the late 70’s after stumbling across an inter dimensional portal opened by everyone’s favorite dimension hopping member of Shadowclub Karma, The Mummy. The Mummy opened the portal after the war between Atlantis and Egypt as a gateway to an inter dimensional safe haven for the Egyptian scientists to protect both their records and technology from any remaining members of the army of Atlantis, namely Cthulhu! The downside, was the portal had to remain open in the event the scientists had to return since none of them had the power to open or close it from the other side. So The Mummy hid the portal behind a secluded waterfall, which Christian stumbled upon during a vacation while cave exploring.

He learned how to navigate through multiple dimensions from the inhabitants inside the portal, which he then used to recruit fighters for his tournament, and he used as the basis for his writing and artistic works. Years after his death, with his son now in charge of the fighting organization, the portal’s use caught the attention of Section 17, which lead to the investigation that released Jimmy Wong, the most decorated Lion’s Den champion, from prison. These connections all lead to the crossover, Dark Alliance which crosses over all three titles early next year. All the information above lays the foundation for the main plot line of the story which revolves around an incident taking place in 1984 that leads all of the main villains to join forces in the present day! It will take the combined efforts of Shadowclub Karma, Section 17, and Jimmy Wong and his Lion’s Den fighter friends to bring them down.

Stay Tuned for more details.

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