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2013 saw the debut of the comic, Dark Goddess, which acted as a prequel to Shadowclub Karma. Now, the comic which features Lilith in the lead role is getting the animated treatment along with her Shadowclub “pals” and Jet Boy!

Dark Goddess joins the ranks of Rocbottom Studios’ growing list of animated projects. The first will be an animated one shot episode that will act as a prequel to an animated limited series set to air soon after between seasons one and two of Shadowclub Karma: The Animated Series!

Roc Bottom will handle the Directing chores this time out with music from VillaNova. The project will debut on on Halloween and the streaming date will be announced soon after. The comic, Dark Goddess: Kiss of Death will drop the week prior.

Check out the teaser trailer from The Purple Gang‘s own, Nica White, with Mike Sofo, Co-Director of Jet Boy and animator of the Gorillaz videos, featuring the track, “Good Day” from BC of the group, VillaNova. Ingrid Suarez stars as the voice of “Lilith.”

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