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Official 2020 Comic Slate

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

All the comicabd webcomic titles coming to you in 2020.

The new year is in full swing, and so is Rocbottom Studios. Two surprise one-shots and a webcomic kick off the early part of the year, but what can we expect from the studio for the rest of the year??? Let's start from the beginning...

Jet Boy: Birth of a Hero.

Story and art by Roc Bottom

Format: One-shot

This Jet Boy story tells the tale of how Paul Perkins joined the ranks of Section 17 and in the possession of the famous purple flight suit. See how Paul met the team that would back up his heroic rise in Jet Boy: Birth of a Hero on sale EXCLUSIVELY at

Shadowclub Karma presents: The Bride of Frankenstein in Practical Magic.

Story and art by Roc Bottom.

Format: One-Shot.

The Bride of Frankenstein is front and center in this story that centers around her rebuilding th coven of White Witches that we’re wiped out by Lilith, The Dark Goddess of Hell.

As the rebirth of the White Witches takes shape, the forces of Hell quickly gather to put an end to their reemergence.

Practical Magic is available now exclusively at


Art and story by Roc Bottom.

Format: Webcomic.

By popular demand, we finally get the Jet Boy spin-off, Babcock in April!

This story is based around Barbara Elizabeth Babcock and how she came to join Section 17 in the war on alien threats to society!

This webcomic will be posted here with a special behind the scenes look in March and once a week starting in April.

Sugar Frontier and Storybook Lane.

Art and story by Roc Bottom.

Format: Webcomic.

Babcock will have it's season finale in May. Leaving the webcomics section open for new blood. That's where our next two stories come in, Sugar Frontier and Storybook Lane.

Sugar Frontier tells the story of a band of fairies who seek revenge against an evil king who threatens their home in a village who shares the title’s name. While Storybook Lane follows two detectives who fall deep into danger while trying to solve the murder of Pinocchio’s mentor, Gepetto.

Both webcomics will be here on the site in


Bloodbank Inc.

Art and Story by Roc Bottom

Format: Comic Book

The Dark Agency will be introduced in Shadowclub Karma. This agency polices rogue vampire activities. Agents Ami and Kate are assigned to the seaside city of Charles Town to investigate the reckless activity of a radical vampire, Count Sid, and his band of followers.

Look for Bloodbank Inc. In August.

Lion’s Den Revolution

Art and story by Roc Bottom

Format: Comic Book

The story that started in The Underwire Magazine and was the first comic distributed in digital desktop format returns this Summer.

Lion’s Den Revolution is the story of Lion’s Den Champion, Jimmy Wong and his quest for redemption after being framed for murder by the very fighting tournament he’s shed blood for.

This story picks up where the original left off ten years ago, opening the gates for the sequel that will be out next year.

Lion’s Den Revolution returns to Rocbottom Studios in July!

Jet Boy/Shadowclub Karma: Dark Alliance.

Art and Story by Roc Bottom.

Format: One-shot

This crossover follows how Shadowclub Karma and Section 17 must team up to save Ms. Babcock who is bitten by a vampire.

The clock is ticking as both teams must find the vampire who bit her before she is doomed to roam the Earth as the undead for the rest of her days.

Dark Alliance comes at Halloween 2020!

Shadowclub Karma: Age of Enlightenment!

Art and story by Roc Bottom.

Format: Graphic Novel.

In this alternate timeline, The forces of Hell won the great war. Shadowclub Karma has been divided into two houses, The House of Frankenstein and the House of Dracula.

When war breaks out between the two houses, the fate of their reality hangs in the balance!

Age of Enlightenment comes in January 2021!

Dark Goddess: Kiss of Death!

Art and Story by Roc Bottom.

Format: Webcomic Miniseries

This four-part miniseries follows Lilith, the Dark Goddess as she has to wage battle with alternative versions of herself and stop the levels of Hell from Collapsing.

Kiss of Death debuts Halloween 2021!

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