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Rocbottom Studios and Golden Fluke Studios in talks to bring Shadowclub Karma prequel, Order to TV!

The 2012 webcomic comes to life as a live-action

Mini-Series/possible regular series!

In 2012, Roc Bottom kicked off his Shadowclub Karma Universe with a prequel webcomic called, Order! Now the creator is in talks with Golden Fluke Productions to bring the comic to the small screen as a mini series and a possible ongoing series.

Based on the critically acclaimed webcomic of the same name and Shadowclub Karma prequel, Order will follow 6 tales of debauchery, greed, and the paranormal surrounding a secret society named The Order of Luminous Light. The stories will be told in live action and animated format.

A suspected assassin is brought into custody. During his interrogation, he spins tales of a shadow society, The Order of Luminous Light and their involvement with recent events including his arrest.

Order is targeting a late 2021 release date.

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