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Rocbottom Studios Just Dropped New Teasers For Shadowclub Karma: From The Shadows and New Details.

A Guide to The New Animated Feature Film.

A series of teaser posters have surfaced for the animated feature film based on the Rocbottom Studios comic, Shadowclub Karma, with two official movie posters slated for Wednesday of next week.

Very little is known about the plot of the film, what we do know is it revolves around the Shadowclub army meeting for the first time in Victorian England and the central Villain is Jack the Ripper. Now, new details have surfaced by way of the teaser posters and we are here to break it all down...

The Council of 7 Devils Are In The Film.

The Overseers of Hell will be popping up in the flick as well as The Order of Luminous Light from the 2012 Shadowclub prequel webcomic, Order.

It is said that Jack the Ripper, before he takes on the infamous title, looks to move up in the Order’s ranks, but must bring 7 sacrificial offerings to the Council of 7. This will set the wheels of The Ripper’s reign of terror into motion.

Satan Rears His Ugly Head!

Satan will indeed play a huge role in the film! According to the film’s writer, Roc Bottom, “Satan is the puppet master of the Council, The Order, and most importantly, Jack the Ripper. Consider his role one that ’rewrites’ history as we know it as he controls the actions of the characters previously mentioned.”

The Wolf Man Cometh!

As far as the core group of Shadowclub players go, The only info we have is on Larry Talbot, aka The Wolf Man.

His origins are set in London where the story takes place, and we find him acting as sort of a political freedom fighter in the shadows of Whitechapel, awaiting the arrival of the other members of the group alongside the Creature from the Black Lagoon, who was the first to arrive from outside of England.

Madame Lilith...?

Lilith has a HUGE and very important role in the film. Disguised as the head of a Brothel in Whitechapel, she is said to be the one who physically “infects” Jack the Ripper with demonic abilities through sexual contact in a sex ritual with The Order. She also has the task of assembling an army to combat Shadowclub Karma once they make their presence felt. This army will indeed be Shadowclub Brimstone.

Her first recruit... The Fly!

The Fly is Lilith’s first recruit in the Brimstone army. A scientist who flawed his physical state by way of a homemade teleportation device, Lilith brings the abomination before Satan where he continues to alter the mutated scientist even further in his own image, making him a weapon of Hell in the Brimstone army.

The Shadow Assassin... Bloody Mary!

The next recruit in the Brimstone army is Bloody Mary!

Summoned through Lilith’s Black Magic, she is manipulated into doing her bidding. Making her a very valuable asset to the Brimstone army.

The plot synopsis rounds out the info we now know of the flick which is set to drop on Halloween 2020. A nice little gift to enjoy on the spookiest night of the year.

Shadowclub Karma: From The Shadows tells the story of how the Shadowclub army met in the late 1800's. When the menace Jack the Ripper terrorizes the Whitechapel district of London, the crew must band together to stop this seemingly unstoppable evil who is being used as an assassin for Satan and The Order of Luminous Light!

Shadowclub Karma: From the Shadows.

Written and by" Roc Bottom"Corey Davis

And Directed by Yoh Asakura

Be on the lookout Wednesday when the official movie posters drop for the film.

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