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Shut Up And Fight! How One Phrase Started a Revolution!

The Summer of 2003...

I was working for my Godfather. It was the first time I ever had my own office. When I wasn't doing graphic design for the company, I got to work on my own stuff! That Summer I created 150 characters for a project I created based on the fighting games and action movies I loved so much! A project that didn't even have a story yet! That project would become Lion’s Den Revolution!

The story revolved around the main character, Jimmy Wong, a fighter in the Lion’s Den fighting tournament who gets framed for murder and must now prove his innocence while fighting for his life. While working for the music magazine, Xpoz, I was approached by the editors to jump on board with a new publication they were producing called The Underwire Magazine, the first digital desktop magazine!

I was offered ten pages per issue to do whatever I wanted in the mag. I pitched the idea of Lion’s Den Revolution the editors and they published the story, making LDR the FIRST comic for global distribution EVER! Before Marvel or DC adapted the format and the first for a Black comic artist/writer! The publication would go on to reach 1 Million Downloads globally within the first few months,

“Shut Up And Fight” became Jimmy Wong’s catchphrase, and kicked off a new era in how we receive comics! 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the first publication of Lion’s Den Revolution! To celebrate, we will be releasing the new Lion’s Den Revolution comic that picks up where the original left off.

Get your copies now from the store here at, or grab the first two issues with exclusive covers at Heroes and Dragons! Look for them in stores on June 24th, 2020.

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