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What Covid Did: The Restructuring of Rocbottom Studios!

2020 started off as a promising year for Rocbottom Studios...

A full slate was announced, Babcock made her way to her own webcomic, we got Jet Boy and Lion’s Den Revolution projects in stores with more to follow. Then, Covid happened! In the Blink of an eye, everything was put on hold! Comic shops were closed. Print shops closed. Art supply stores closed. The whole world, closed!

With the world shut down, the fate of the studio and the scheduled projects were all in question. Whether they would see the light of day in 2020, or at all. The finished projects, Jet Boy: 2.5, the Lion’s Den books, the first few chapters of Babcock, all made their way to the public, but everything else attached was put on hold. Talks with investors and business partners all came to one conclusion, 2020 as we know it, creatively and financially, was a wash!

Then, a few month into the epidemic, something happened...

A phone call from my former network. I was introduced to JD Lawrence, playwright, voice actor, screenwriter, and former President of Jam Network. The result of that call, was a yet to be named production company that we partnered up for alongside Mustafa Saied. The company will produce original programming for various platforms from streaming services to cable television.

The next surprise came in the form of Boom Animation, a studio we linked up for our animated projects. We’ve cranked out work for Shadowclub Karma, Jet Boy, And the upcoming, Lion’s Den Revolution. Earlier this month, there were talks to start up a distribution company for animation. Look for more information on this going in to 2021.

Lastly, a production studio will be under construction soon and Rocbottom Studios will head up the design crew bringing the animation studio to life. We will bring more details as they develop. All animated and live action projects will be developed in house.

2020 quickly became a horrible year! Early on we suffered so much loss on so many levels. We are working hard to make 2021 and beyond much better through the projects we are currently developing!

See ya next year!

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