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Your First Look At The Jet Boy Webcomic Spin-Off, “Babcock”, Surprise Shadowclub Karma/One-Shot!

Last week we saw a new Jet Boy origin story drop on the site, now we have a sneak preview of TWO new projects from Rocbottom Studios!

Shadowclub Karma: The Bride of Frankenstein in Practical Magic.

The Bride of Frankenstein is front and center in this story that centers around her rebuilding th coven of White Witches that we’re wiped out by Lilith, The Dark Goddess of Hell.

As the rebirth of the White Witches takes shape, the forces of Hell quickly gather to put an end to their reemergence.

Practical Magic will be available on on January 13th.


By popular demand, we finally get the Jet Boy spin-off, Babcock in April!

This story is based around Barbara Elizabeth Babcock and how she came to join Section 17 in the war on alien threats to society!

This webcomic will be posted on in April!

Art and story on both projects brought to you by Roc Bottom.

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